One bug a day! Finished!

I am so delighted with the results of the One Bug a Day Project! I think I finish because I cannot fit more bugs in my A1 watercolour paper. At the end it turned to be a 28 days project which agrees more with the feminine nature of my art. It was also the opportunity to develop a proper study of these beautiful insects: their structure, where they come from, and to realise that this living jewels are in danger of extinction as they live in forests and places that are being destroyed!

The Beetles

It was also a nice creative journey: From the rushed sketches drawn at the natural museum, toward the transformation in colour and appearance. I tried to maintain the real physonomy of the beetles, but sometimes, colour appeared and magic took over! At the end, the bugs decided about their own gowns and dresses, and this is the result.

What’s next? Well I want to transform these beetles into cards, or print them in mugs or posters.  My friends have suggested to do a picture book, so, this is only part of the journey!

All of this is part of what I will exhibit on the Exhibition at Poplar’s Garden Centre (with fellow artist Lesley Longworth, on 26-27 of April, 2014.

Harlington Rd, Bedfordshire, Dunstable LU5 6HE


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