more inspiring posts by the fab ann Rippin and I will be following you with the zentangles! love them!

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I said that I would do a post on Zentangles, which I have been working on, inspired by my friend Beatriz and her one-a-day art process.

A Zentangle is a drawing, done in ink with some graphite added to make the shading.  I really like the combination of the media.  It begins with pretty random marks across a square which are called strings.  Then you fill in the compartments with a variety of patterns which are pretty simple to do but look impressive when done en masse.  That’s about it.

I came across them at a craft show, I think, and went home and had a look on You Tube.  There are a lot of tutorials and examples up so you can learn how to do them pretty much from the web.  I bought a book, however, in a proper bookshop and not from Amazon.  I chose One Zentangle a…

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