What I did at the weekend

Thanks to Ann recommedations I started to play with the Zentangles. I’ve done some with friends and I think it is a great way of starting loosing your wrist and embracing drawings!

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I realise that I have rather fallen in love with the zentangle technique and that this is a stitching and not a drawing blog, but I was very pleased with myself for this task, and just wanted to share it.

As part of the course I am following, there is a daily task, and the one for Saturday was to play around with what are called the strings.  These are the pencil guidelines that split up the ground for the various patterns.  I was idly making a few sketches when I came up with one that looked a bit like the Tacita Dean pieces that I blogged about just after Christmas:


I did quite a rough string from memory which I filled in:


Then I remembered that I had bought some photographic type stencils so I decided to try those out:


I added quite a bit of trompe l’oeil shading…

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