What I did at the weekend part I

Another excellent post by Ann Rippin on art-based methods, doll making and ambiguous meanings.

Annjrippin's Blog


Apologies about the gap in blogging.  The end of term is always surprisingly busy with everyone trying to get things finished so that students can get ready for their examinations.  At the end of what we must now call teaching block 2, I decided that I had to spend some time with my textiles or I would go bang.  I started with the doll you can see in the photograph which came from a panel I bought at Flo-Jo‘s on Gloucester Road in Bristol.  I was moved to do this because of a seminar that I had  been to in Cardiff on Narrative and Storytelling

First something about the doll.  It comes in a panel with a pet dog.  It is a very easy pattern to make up and you just cut round it and don’t have to bother about seam allowances and those sorts of technical things.  The…

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