Spring Exhibition: Lessons – After the event


Yes, you are an Artist!

(the ontological implications of this shift)

the art of beatriz acevedo.006


1. Write down what you thought it work, and what did not work. Like what I am doing now :0)

2. Send your sold paintings to their owners, with a personal letter of gratitude that can be also used as a certificate of authenticity. Give them something else: the brochure, the catalogue, a free greeting card, a poster. Something memorable. Ah! Use courier… this will help you to trace where the paintings are (I used the post office and I was suffering because the paintings took a while in getting to their owners!)

3. Analyse your feedback: What were the type of paintings that were most commented or voted by the audience, what does it mean for your own development. For instance, I noticed that people liked Our Garden of Everyday prints, and that there is a potential market for that. Also that I need to work on greeting cards with flowers. I thought that the Original Watercolours were not going to be that popular (because of the price) but I sold some of them!

4. Thank people: the managers of the venue, your fellow artists, your patrons, your suppliers. They make your success!

5. Write down what you want to do next. Even a crazy idea, and follow it up.

6. Come back to your studio and keep on working. The planning and the administration of the whole event can be very tiring and it may divert you of the real fun of painting and creating!

7.  Dare to dream. For me this has been a huge step, I am actually being the Artist I want to be and I have lots to learn yet. It also made me think that Yes, I can, and that it is possible to live a life like this.  This may be something you can achieve the coming month, or the next year, but I can now VISUALISE and IMAGINE my life as an artist.


p.s. While preparing my exhibition I came across a great book called Show your Art by Austin Kleon, the same author of Steal like an artist, referred in this blog before. And many of the things that he advice to people are similar to those written in this blog. So, there must be something of value here!

If you wish to have access to the materials used to plan the exhibition please let me know. Albeit I am just starting I am happy to share with other  artists.


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