Frida and Me: Serious Fun and Play, SCOS 2014

Next week I will be attending the Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism in Utrecht, NL. It will be a good break in the midst of the preparations for the exhibition -I am not sure if it is a great time to do this,- but  I am very excited to see my friends and academic colleagues. This is one of the few conferences, in my experience, where people make you feel welcome and valued.  During the almost 8 years I’ve joined this group, I have met really inspiring academics, forged magnificent friendships and created exciting projects.  The topic of this conference is Sport, Play and Game, hosted by the maverick team of the School of Governance at the University of Utrecht.  The call for papers is very wide and inclusive, and all the papers look really interesting.  Also the team is really doing their very best to make this one of the most cherished conferences in the history of SCOS and the academic calendar. Our presentation will be on tuesday early evening, in the pleasant venue of the Gardens, and with the formidable presence of Ann Rippin, I am sure we will deliver our paper titled: Beauty will save the world!

SCOS is my academic/creative tribe:  a great place to share ideas, to get energised and inspired. I loved this group so much that I also designed the logo and now I need to colour the other dragon for the website (yes, it is still in my “to do list”):


SCOS Dragon. Original drawing by Beatriz Acevedo


Playing is so important for creativity, and sometimes deadlines or the idea of “productivity” can hamper our potential for play. Last week for example, I realised that I did not have to rush, so I decided to play with the idea of the Sacred Hearts. In a previous blog, I addressed the issue of religion in Frida’s work and the image of the Sacred Heart.  I wanted to do some sort of small formal paintings with the holy heart, and I made a little sketch of them.  I tried first to do them in acrylic but the liquidity of the medium was not what I wanted,  I needed something more solid.  I decided to play with colour papers following Matisse‘s lead in his wonderful cut outs, and then the magic happened:  I started as Matisse said, drawing with scissors. The blocs of color is what I needed for this graphic representation of the hearts. I added also some of my iCuts, a weekly oracle taken from newspapers cuttings. I borrowed this idea from my creative friend Osvaldo Polo in Colombia, who also encouraged me so much to follow my artistic passions! (thanks Oz, you are always a constant companion in my life!)

I wanted to create something cheerful for greeting cards, something that “talks” to people.  I used the iCuts as a key part of the composition, thus, the graphics follow the text and viceversa.  This is the result and I hope you like it!


heart-cuttings-1 heart-cuttings-3 heart-cuttings-2 heart-cuttings heart-cuttings2 heart-cuttings2-1




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