New visions in the NL

Although I am taking some time off my easel to come to the Netherlands, it seems that Fridamania has invaded all Europe and of course the Netherlands! So last sunday we celebrated Frida’s birthday with my dear friends Ana Maria Carreira and Marianne Afannasieva, by putting flowers in our heads… I insisted in them to have the eyebrows painted but it was only me who dared to go out with a full Frida’s look!

I really like to come to the NL. I used to live here from 2000-2002 and I feel so comfortable walking around. Indeed I have dear friends who welcome me with open arms and make me feel returning home. And it is also so nice to be stimulated by the colours and visions of the cities here. Amsterdam for example never ceases to surprise me, the city is so beautiful, with the sun is even better and one can just sit in any corner to draw and draw and see the world goes by.

Apart of that, the new galleries and innovative ideas are just fantastic. Just few blocks from Eduardo’s flat there is this new Art Gallery called Rob Koudijsm, that specialises in art jewellery ( Every six weeks the gallery shows a number of new and established art-jewellers, that take the action of adorning to a complete different level. ONe of the special guests this time is the work of Eunmi Chun, a mixture of organic materials, sculpture with a reference to the meaning of the memento mori. She uses dried animal membranes (cows or pigs intestines or guts) as a very elastic material to create new life: bears, giraffes, horses or birds emerge from the translucent membranes, adorned by delicate feathers of wood. Adorned also with golden (real) hair, the result is a delicate object that can be carried around. Perhaps the reader (and specially the very sensitive British audience) may find this a bit gory, but the truth is that this work goes beyond the “beautiful”, it transcends life and death, making a transition between organ and object, becoming perhaps a second skin, a reminder of the fragility and marvel of life:

“The Philosopher Pravu Mazumdar recognizes in Chun’s pieces ‘a force surging through floral, animal and human forms according the [-] dictates of the foodchain’; ‘an incessant flow of biological energy in which the wearer of jewellery is just a mere circuit element’. The artist clearly intended such a merging of the realms of plants and animals judging from the titel of the exhibition: ‘Precious Beasts – Blooming’. The human aspect is provided by Chun’s own associations about the fragility of life and our closeness to death.”


The main focus of this journey is to attend the Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism (SCOS) in Utrecht, which has been so beautifully organised and inspiring! Jeroen, Martjin and Mikel, have put their soul and heart in making us feel welcome and attended: from the beautiful vintage sport bags, to the precise organisation of schedules and rooms, and the exciting social activities, all show their passion for this non mainstream conference!

The conference was a success! People loved the friendly advice and inclusive spirit. We also enjoyed very good papers, and most of all the fantastic hospitality of Jeroen, Mikel, Martin, Nicole, Laura and Nicky. A great team: thanks so much!!!!







2 thoughts on “New visions in the NL

  1. hola beatriz, soy la directora de CSRes, estamos haciendo un e-book de la residencia y nos gustaría citar el articulo que escribiste sobre la muestra final, dime si contamos con tu aprobación, un saludo, Marina

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