Frida and me: D- is for Dreams

An update of this post on dreams. On the countdown for the exhibition Frida and Me (Art Nest, Hitchin, 24/07/2014-09/08/2014)

Artist and Educator

This week has been a time of discoveries and realisations … the first discovery is that I think I have enough materials for the exhibition Frida and Me (25-July-9-August) at the Art Nest (Hitchin), so, I am a bit more relaxed. Because my aim is to be able to change bad habits of stress and anxiety for those of balance and play.  The other news is that I’ve recovered my capacity to remember my dreams, or part of them… so I am delighted to savour the images and impressions of my dreams in the early hours. I have kept a Dreams Diary since 2008 and from time to time I go there to fish for images or simply to have a walk through my oniric universe. The other night, for example, I dreamed that I was giving birth to a bright orange tiger… the tiger skin was smooth and almost liquid…

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