Frida and Me: A-for affirmation

A reflective pause in my journey: A for Affirmation for the collection Frida and Me. Exhibition at the Art Nest, Hitchin, until 9 of August.

Artist and Educator

A for Affirmation is a suitable final topic for this moment of my life: one year ago I was going through a very blue period, stress and disappointment had taken its toll on my mood. The summer was in full glory and I could not relate to it. I had to cancel my travels, commitments and take time off work. What have I done with myself? I wondered… what am I going to do?… not easy questions and I had to seek the answers.


One year later, the change could not be more positive! And this post is about it: affirming life, affirming art and pursuing my dreams!

photo 1

One of the most significant aspects in Frida’s work is her sense of affirmation. Through her paintings and self-portraits she was affirming her place in the world. Her piercing eyes transcending the canvas, the pain or the tragedy of her situation, opting…

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