25/04/2014 – Dear Matisse

For the last days of this fantastic exhibition!

Artist and Educator

Dear Matisse

I am sorry if this letter takes you by surprise. You may not know me, but you are my master and main inspiration for my art, hence the reason of my imaginary and spiritual friendship with you. I took the liberty of writing this letter mainly to thank you for your wonderful exhibition  at Tate Modern of your Cut Out’s. You will be pleased to know that it is a blockbuster (perhaps you don’t know that word but it means that you are a sort of celebrity in the art world and everybody wants to see your work!): the visitors are gathering in hordes, but this time it is not to ‘boo’ your work (as in your lifetime, when your paintings were misunderstood)! in fact, I could only hear gasps of admiration and exclamations of joy.  There were all sort of people, not only the normal art-loving crowd…

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