Happy 1st anniversary of blogging: Thanks!

Photo on 05-10-2014 at 10.32I am so delighted to celebrate my 1st anniversary as a blogger. I cannot believe that I’ve managed to keep the routine of one blog a week (at least!) throughout this very busy year. I started the blog as a way of documenting my process of “coming out as an artist” and in general to keep my fingers on the pie of writing. I love writing, this is part of the allure of academia for me, but I felt stifled by the need of writing in certain language or in certain journals… I was inspired by Ann Rippin and her blog, in which she combines her love for making and craft/art with a very insightful reflection, accompanied by texts and references.

I enjoy writing about art and cultural and social issues, I love going to and understanding art exhibitions (and luckily I am very close to London so it is an endless source of inspiring events), and I also enjoy sharing some of the learnings in this practice of being an artist… and I don’t think that it is restricted to the field of arts, but any other endeavour or dream one feels passionate about.  The blog has been great for the following reasons:

a. The blog is a “mirror” in which I can reflect and think about my own work. For example, working on the Series of “Our Garden of Everyday” I’ve been able to write about the meaning of flowers and their meaning in my life, weaving memories with new insights.  When I had to create a catalogue for my work it was much easy to edit, than to start from scratch.  The same with the series of “Frida and Me” and I think the catalogue is a very well researched document about the topics of F-Femininety, R-Religion, I-Identity, D-Dreams and A-Affirmation in relation to Frida Kahlo’s life, but also my own life.  I enjoyed that a lot.

b. The blog allows me to “own” the experience of attending an exhibition or any other living experience. Just yesterday I was talking to my friend Donna Ladkin about how different is to “draw” an artifact from an exhibition, than simply “looking” at it. I normally carry paper and pen to attend any exhibition and that makes a huge difference in terms of how you connect your “eye” with your “hand” and your “heart”, thus creating a everlasting experience. I loved to worked on the Matisse exhibition with pen and paper and also, the Folk exhibition was superb with lots of ideas!  The double loop of “learning” or “fixing/recording/owning” the artistic experience is completed with the exercise of writing. It is the opportunity to do a bit more research about the painter or his/her work, to try to understand his/her social milieu in which she/he created this or other work.  I push me to be a bit rigorous in the sense of finding relevant references and also quoting and linking to the websites of those who have written about this.

c.  The only way to become a “blogger” (or a writer or an artist) is by doing it! It is not enough to have a “good idea”, you need to write it down. It helps me to create drafts for academic articles… for instance, now I am working on the ideas developed in Foucault and Painting, for the Art of Management Conference.  It is the practice of writing that makes you a writer, the same with painting, the same with drawing… as Alison Stowell has remarked ( from Gibson Burrell): “Don’t get it right, get it written.” and this is the point of the blog.

d. Finally, I’ve met some amazing bloggers which I follow. I love to go through the posts of the bloggers and I always find inspiration in all of them.  I think it is a real blogosphere out there and I am amazed that people are also following mine.  It is funny because blogging is like a public private action: you (think) you are alone tapping thoughts and ideas, and suddenly somebody is following you, reading you and making some insightful comments. This is the real sense of a community.

So, yes, i am proud of having my 1st anniversary badge and I hope to keep the practice of this amazing new media!

to all,

Beatriz Acevedo


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