The Music of Prussia Cove

Half way on the new term I thought it would be nice to remember that holidays exist! It is not so long after we had ours in Cornwall, but the daily amount of work and tasks make them look as if they were ages ago. So I decided to bring them back through the music in Prussia Cove. The beautiful thing about music is that it really brings out a particular feeling or a  mood. I had the privileged opportunity to attend the rehearsals of a group of talented international musicians. Scattered around the cottages and the big house, there were these trios, quartets and quintets playing beautiful music for piano and strings. It was magical!


photo 3

 One of the groups were rehearsing Ravel Trio and this melancholic tune transported me to a rainy day in Paris….

Ravel - Prussia Cove“sea liquid bliss,

water mercurial heart,

on the roof and the smile…

rain, rain rain”







After a while I moved upstairs to hear the Faure Piano Quintet in D minor Op.89 – Ida Levin, Savitri Grier, Lila Brown, Julian Arp, Susan Tomes. I decided to do some zentangles and to draw the musicians, so to weave my lines with the melodies… once again, words and feelings suddenly came out…

photo 1“Crystal pouring liquid

the buzzing bees

dancing feet”








photo 1Walking through the house I stumbled on a room like in a pre-raphaelist scene: high ceilings crowned by an oval window, the ivy growing as the time passed by. The musicians were going through the arresting Dvorak Piano Quintet in A major Op.81 – Grace Park, Ken Aiso, Lea Hennino, James Barralet, Richard Uttley… galloping on the open air, the big fields and the forests, trees, mountain, wind.


I drew the talented barefoot cello player James Barralet here.


I also had the privilege to attend the rehearsal of Mozart String Quintet in C major K515 – Beatrice Philips, Yolanda Bruno, Giles Francis, Rachel Kuipers Yonan, Christoph Richter, being this one of the most playful and happy works of this amazing composer.

photo 1

At the end of my amazing day , I listened to the romantic melody of Schumann Piano Quartet (workshop) and the absolutely idyllic work of Milstonen Piano Trio (library), getting toward the very chords of one’s soul.

photo 2

Being there so close to the musicians rehearsing was also a great opportunity to understand about creative team-work. I was amazed by the gentleness of the conversations, each of the musicians bringing his/her own view without trying to impose this or other. Also the fact that certain parts of the music require a particular texture, a feeling that needs to be conveyed, it can be a gesture, or perhaps a precise touch.  This reminded me of the great article by Donna Ladkin on Leading Beautifully. Donna is a professional musician from Yale Universisty and a professor in Aesthetics and Leadership in Cranfield and Plymouth Universities, but mostly she had the gift of explaining complex (and sometimes overused) concepts such as leadership in a beautiful and understandable way.

photo 3

The musicians will be playing in different scenarios across the world, bringing feelings and melodies, and with them that “holy” quality of music, the awakening of the “sacred” and the “divine” inside all of us. And that’s perhaps those days in which we are free of any other thought or duty when we connect to the divine inside, the spiritual and the playful, the artistic and the relaxed… this is because these are holidays.

photo 4

Julian Arp.


Images are scanned from my sketchbook and colored with BrushesApp.

Original work. Copyright. Beatriz Acevedo. 


For more information about International Music Seminar:








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