Herons and Plates

Last few weeks have been a roller coaster of hormonal disruption… the so called change that makes me high and rushing, like caffeine injected into my veins… I want to draw, to run from one place to other, to tick off the many things I think I “should” do. It is the last month of the Year of the Horse, a year of transformations, of big outings… so this month I feel I need a sign or a break that shows me the way. And then it comes….

I10552362_999337100095320_7049427308154801952_nn the pink morning the clouds fly by,  I breath, I softly sing,
over my head a heron flies, long, elegant, grey,
its spread wings dispelling fears…





Herons are highly regarded animals in the East. They symbolise longevity, patience and grace… so I decided to focus on herons in my little exercise on “vintage scenic plates” for the mini of the MATS Creative bootcamp. It was a nice way to get into the sketching routine without so much pressure. So here are some of the drawings and the plates…

I’d like my year to go like that… just exploring and trying to find my own ways in my painting. But this is a long game, a combination of patience, exploration and improving. I feel that it is not enough just to do the playing, (indeed, I have dozens of sketchbooks of playful exercises), the next step is to transform them into something: a composition, a design, a final something…

So this year is of development(*). The time of being “out” and celebrating this outing is coming to an end, now it is time to find who I am in all of this, what is my voice, what do I want to say.

Watch this space….


(*) Thanks to Lesley Longworth for pointing out this word and path.


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