My list of 125 children’s books publishers + how to use it ;)

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As I mention in a post about Print on Demand, in order to gain money from your art, you can either create “what you want” and try to sell it somehow or you can present your portfolio to potential clients to get submission from them. In this post let’s concentrate on second way.

How to get children’s book illustration job

  • First step will be of course building kick ass portfolio (I mean strong one). I’ll be writing about what is needed there, (so as always stay tuned) but if you have one go to the next step.
  • preparing outreach list – look for publishers that you feel could hire you – based on books that they already published, their profile, your gut feeling. This is a quite a job! Sure, there are some directories online, Google exists, but over the year I learn that there’s always some companies hidden…

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