The Lakes – Sketches for colouring

Sometimes I think that our lives follow the weather: there are some days when we feel so overwhelmed with clouds and grey thoughts, but it is a matter of hoping (and realising) that a golden sun is always behind them, waiting for a window to shine its magic all over! This week I am sharing some of my sketches of the Lake District. We try to go every year to enjoy the ever surprising landscapes. In spite  of the capricious weather, which alternates between ominous grey clouds and golden amazing sunhine, there is always something to see, to enjoy and to marvel at.

My sketches are a way to keep memories… I try to avoid using photographs (even though they are so easy to get in the smartphone), because I’ve found that drawings tend to etch the landscape in my visual memory.

So here we go!

(If you want to download the drawings – which can do for fantastic colouring material- please acknowledge my copyright BeatrizAcevedoArt, thanks!)



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