Spring Exhibition: Love Zoom

In this spring love is definitively in the air! Gone are those months in which we looked outside in longing: for the warm days, the light, the company of a dear one…  For my new group exhibition with the Artists Network of Bedfordshire at the Parkside Hall in Ampthill on 22-24 of May/2015, I’ve been working on a series of “circular canvasses” developing the notion of Zoom. At the same time I think I’ve unconsciously channeled some of my best friends’ quest for love and thus, this is the result!

It all started as ever with the sketching books: walking around with my husband, capturing landscapes and feelings. The basis of these paintings are the drawings in the Cotswolds. Then I had to develop some “plates” for an assignment for Lilla Rogers’ MATS Bootcamp. It was a real discovery to see how my sketches work so well as “plates” and how the “circular” canvas could be so cozy for the naive expression of my art:

The assignment was to develop a work of art in a circular piece of wood. As I could not find the wood I opted for the canvasses, and I ordered three different sizes (40 cm diameter, 30 cm and 20 cm).  I started with the biggest canvas (40 cm diameter) to create the big scene and then to zoom in the small details of that canvas. For instance, in this scene, we see a gorgeous blue bird standing in the landscape: is she longing for a mate, is she looking for love?  But she is not alone, there is a field of dancing snowdrops (which were actually dancing in my garden) and some lovely crocuses too… it is all very idyllic and there is a sense of hope.

So the scene is developed:

As with my friends, they are beautiful “birds”, exotic and amazing! They are clever fab women at the top of their careers and life! But they are not just waiting for love, they enjoy life and live to the full (how curious, these two friends are quite similar in that regard!). And life goes on… because in every step or every act we are all the time loving: giving, receiving, being alive, being busy or annoyed, but never indifferent!  Still believing, despite the many false princes (well disguised as frogs), and going along; when suddenly, one day, they met someone. At first it is confusing, yet exhilarating: is it what they are waiting for? Love is near: and thus these paintings are flaming red conveying the passion of the first encounters (hence the decoration, the entangles and the lush vegetation) but also the doubts (is he, isn’t he; am I or not?), the conversations (skype, whatsupp, telephone) and the yearn for nesting.

I know it is a bit corny, as love is, and I will challenge any person who has not found her/himself inventing names, consulting the stars, and developing all sort of irrational attachments to the loved one!  The third triptych is thus when love is in the air, in the landscape, in the moon! Hence, the third group is more about sharing a path, a conversation of equals, but also it is about dreaming (and building) of a castle in the distance) and sharing the many threads of past lives and new adventures together.

With the best wishes for all my friends who never stop believing in love, and whose perseverance has yielded results!

Looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition!




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