NEW!! RawTag: Art, Sustainability and Fashion

If our clothes could talk, what would they say? Take that glittering top for clubbing… or those trusted everyday jeans… perhaps that dreamy  dress worn for your wedding? Clothes and textiles tell stories, sometimes activating memories and raw emotions. The connection between textiles, tales and emotions is the spark for this eco-art project titled: RawTag, to be developed during the Cambridge Sustainability Residency 2015.

What is this project about

The Cambridge Sustainability Residency, coordinated by artist Marina Velez, has selected a group of artists from all around the world to reflect on the topic of RAW.  In response to this, we – Carmen Lamberti and Beatriz Acevedo – are suggesting to reflect on the connections between raw materials and raw emotions, and the costs of our fashion choices, hence RawTag. 

This is a great opportunity for becoming art and being part of this artistic process. Normally, art is developed in studios with closed doors. This time we would like to open the studio and creative process inviting you to join us in the conversation about textiles and emotions.  We will ask you to bring a meaningful garment/clothes and share your memories or stories connected to it.

How to participate?

We are inviting you to bring some your clothes and to share the stories weaved in them. Why did you buy it? When did you wear it? What is the main memory of this garment?We would like to collect your garments and, if you accept we would like to film your story. We may need to borrow your garments for some pictures. Of course, we will return the garment to you, or if you wish you can “donate” it for our art project. The final art work developed by weaving your stories and our own creative process will be exhibited at the end of the Cambridge Sustainability Residency in the Art Gallery (venue to be confirmed) during 31st of July to the 2nd of August.

You can also join this project by taking a “selfie” with the garment of your choice, add the story/emotions/memories activated by that garment. Please upload your picture and your story in our RawTagCB2015 Facebook page.

Contact us:  Beatriz Acevedo Carmen Lamberti:






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