RawTag: The Team

The team

Carmen Lamberti and Beatriz Acevedo: we are two artists committed to sustainability and environmental issues. We met at the Royal Opera House-Bridge program on Culture Change and Sustainability and we just clicked! Perhaps it is our Latin American origin or our common passion for the possibilities of art and sustainability.  Joining our team, Romas Malevicius, doctoral researcher on education for sustainability, and creative & social media advisor for RawTag.

Artists’ bio and statements

Beatriz Acevedo is a painter and illustrator, passionate about sustainability and aesthetics. After almost 20 years of drawing, painting and sketching in her free time, last year (2014) she decided to “come out of the artist closet” and fully develop her artistic interests. Beatriz also works a senior lecturer in sustainability at Anglia Ruskin University and this project merges her two big passions: art and sustainability!

“My art explores the aesthetic and ethical interconnections in the consideration of sustainability. I am interested in beauty and art-based methodologies informing educational practices and pedagogies for sustainability. I have developed a particular visual language inspired by scientific botanic illustrations and the gendered aspects of this particular language. I rely on drawing and reflection as the starting point of my work, which is expressed in paintings, collage and illustration. I believe on the role of art in enhancing and empowering people for “beautiful living/thinking/geing”.” Beatriz Acevedo, 2015

Carmen Lamberti is a multidisciplinary artist, she studied contemporary art  practice at the University of Bedfordshire and Fine art at Central Saint Martins School of Art. Carmen’s artistic practice is influenced by genres such as Sustainability art, Land art, Eco art and Earth art, her art-based research and conceptual approach combines these practices to create natural environments that engage the perceptions of the material and the virtual.

“My art practice interrogates the correlation of humankind and the natural world in our globalized culture. I am deeply concerned about environmental issues and am inquisitive with regard to the constant changing of the technological landscape. My duty as an artist is to demonstrate the collective social conflicts within the natural environment and to create a dialogue in which our global future can be subjected to query and examination. I apply a multidisciplinary approach cohesive to art and science utilising diverse methods focused on collective participation and interaction. I aim to contextualize how art can be an agent for awareness, reconciliation, protection and preservation of our world. The core of my work is based on sustainability and encompasses diverse mediums including site specific ephemeral artworks, communal interventions, performances, installations, writing, sculpture, photography, and drawing.” Carmen Lamberti, 2015



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