RawTag: Art and Sustainability

What is the role of art? Is it simply to “be”: art for art’s sake… or a nice adornment for a wall? Shall art be confined to the space of a gallery? the inevitable discussion between “high” art and “popular art”.  Who can talk and live “art”… further, “can/should art provoke discussions and change perceptions around us?

This is a question that has been discussed from the very beginning of the history of art and it is still unresolved.  For some, art needs to shock, to open avenues, to reflect a particular historical moment. For others, it is an individual expression detached from political statements. Personally I think that art has a key role in changing perceptions and improving our lives.  As I have discussed before in this blog: I do art because I believe in living beautifully, and this includes not only a hedonistic desire (nothing wrong with hedonism and pleasure) but also the possibility of activating meaningful transformations: perhaps becoming happier human beings and healthier communities.

How this can be done?

For the RawTag team this question guides the development of our project. Indeed, watch this space  because Carmen Lamberti will be writing about this in our next blog. We believe that art has a role in questioning perceptions, such as those linked to our current approach to fashion and consumerism. We also think that these conversations need to shift from the “apocalyptic” tone of “end of the world”, towards more constructive and empowering ways to change habits and challenge situations. Without denying the already alarming effects of climate change, we think that highlighting the nightmare won’t get any results. Neither we think that people are really willing to make drastic changes in their lifestyle – as Ann Rippin would say: “knitting our muesli.” Instead, we think that all of us want to do something and that there is an inherent desire to do good in all of us. There is a great satisfaction in giving something back (hence the great tradition of voluntary work in this amazing country!) and also in doing something good. And great actions start with small steps. This is what counts for us in this project. We know we are just starting… but we know we are not the only ones!


Performance “Chrysalis”  – Carmen Lamberti and Beatriz Acevedo

Photo/Intervention: Carmen Lamberti (copyright) 2015

Indeed, this week has been really interesting for the RawTag team. We have been already talking with some potential participants: a group of enthusiastic students at Anglia Ruskin University who will be sharing their “clothes” and “stories” with us. It is refreshing to see how many students joined this invitation. Some a bit hesitant, some others more enthused and convinced, but all of them with the curiosity and the potential to make a great impact in their communities. Don’t worry guys, we are all in the same boat!

Also, we talked to Adriana Chavez, a talented film-maker and inspirational artist, who will be joining us in the visual aspects of this project. Her work is surreal and thought-provoking: this is a small clip of her great talent!

So the RawTag team is growing, and we would like to hear more from readers of this blog, Facebook friends, fellow artists and people interested in what art can do to change the world (or at least to change our own personal world!)

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