Open Studio 2015: The Joy of Sharing

When I woke up on saturday after a very troublesome night, I suddenly knew it was going to be a wonderful day. The sky was crisp blue and the sunlight -diagonal autumnal light- shone over the garden at its most beautiful. I had been rushing around, criss-crossing the country and only until friday -and with the help of the amazing Carmen Lamberti – I could get to “curate” and organise the Studio for the Open Day.  I must confess I was not really planning to open the studio this year: I have been pretty tired, running around preparing classes and trying to find my feet on a shaky ground. The thing was that my two lovely colleagues: Elisa Alt and Marina Boz said that they would like to visit my studio, and I thought, well, let’s do it properly: Let’s Party!!!!

The Open Studio is in truth a party. It is the last chance to have one at the end of the summer, when the light is at its best, to share tea, cakes and art with the people around me. It is not really an “open” event, I have found that it is people who are really interested for whom this event is worthwhile. The studio is in the garden, so it is also very intimate event, as I am also sharing my home, my way of living, but I hope that everybody has been inspired with it all.  The garden plays a key part in my creative process and it is always nice to share how beauty surrounds us and how many of the paintings are born in the company of my flowers.


P1030568 botanical fucsia chilli and fungi







Anemones  and Fucsias … From the living flower to the singing image

Beatriz Acevedo Original work.


I was not alone: my lovely husband was around welcoming people, and the wonderful Lamberti Ladies were in charge of the entertainment and support. Samai (14 years old), prepared the most delicious cupcakes and cake, using the edible flowers of my garden for decoration.  Celeste (12 years old), was around playing the guitar, drawing and taking the most amazing pictures; and Carmen (the  mother of these two beauties) was as ever supporting me in the whole process: from the planning, to the reorganisation of pictures; passing through the preparation and the role of co-hostess! What I really liked about their support is that they enjoy exploring their talents at their own pace… they suggested excellent ideas for the Open Studio, including a treasure hunt, activities for children and workshops! I cannot thank you enough ladies for all your help!

The preparations are long: not only it is a matter of cleaning the otherwise messy studio, but what are the narratives that I would like to share. This was, actually, Carmen’s question, and hence I thought of sharing some of the stories behind the paintings.

For example, the series of Provence of 2011 albeit conveying bright and cheerful colours, have a more difficult background. It was the year of the “foot oDSCF5046perations” for my husband and we decided to take some holidays by train, as to avoid the “walking of airports”, and we went to Aix en Provence. We really did not know so much about the place, and there we discovered was the city of Paul Cezanne, whose atelier was at a short distance from the hotel. The light in the South of France is truly legendary, it is so bright and vibrant, the sky beams with the sun, and the colours seem to be more intense than England.  As ever I brought my sketchbook  and for the first time used a “concertina” sketchbook, allowing the transition from one page to other.  So it is nice to show how it goes from the “sketchbook” to the painting….

Elisa and Marina, who are both from Brazil, were fascinated with the Botanical Paintings, inspired by the Botanic Garden in Rio de Janeiro. I travelled for the Rio+20 conference on climate change to present our ideas on education for sustainability and I brought my husband along. It was very rainy but we enjoyed the city and went twice to the Botanic Garden. It was truly idyllic: the avenue of gigantic palms; the jungle of twisted mango trees, the monkeys ooling around and even a humming bird came to say hello to my husband while taking a rest…

DSCF5063 P1030469









I felt that people were free to see more of my art, I purposedly invited them to be nosey to snoop around and look at books, influences, sketchbooks and work in progress. I also think that this is inspiring for my fellow artists, and we thought with Joanna Stone to start a little project on psychogeography, walking and painting, which can be really promising.

And for all who could not come and send their regards… A big thank you for following me in your hearts and minds! I wish you were here with all of us… it was truly the  most colourful event of the autumn!!!!



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