Style From The Wild Side -Lou Reed And Nico

Jess Princeton, aka Rosita Lollipop is a great boutique/concept store for dreamers, fashionistas and story tellers. Jess is a proper fashion curator, with a flare for quirky, vintage, trendy clothing and objects. I love her jewerly, Tshirts, etc. and I buy all my presents there…

Welcome to the Rosita Lollipop Blog!

What do you get when you mix the gravel-voiced demi-god of New York cool with a blonde German ex-model chanteuse? Add a splash of pop art influenced swagger and bake in the drug-addled world of Warhol’s avant garde Factory scene and you’ve got style dynamite. That’s what.

When Andy Warhol introduced Nico to The Velvet Underground in 1966 little did he know that he’d spark the creation of one of the most influential albums of all time (with THAT cover which has adorned the t-shirt of many a hipster since).
 He also ignited an inspirational, if short-lived, marriage of style that would reverberate through the decades, influencing rock subcultures up to the early noughties indie explosion.
Central to Warhol’s ‘Factory’ scene, Reed and Nico’s crowd was a flamboyant one. Transgender muses such as Candy Darling provided trashy glitz, while Edie Sedgwick would go on to define the American Modette look…

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