Experimental Making with Michael Atavar (1)

How can we feel more creative? this was a provoking question by author and creative enabler/consultant Michael Atavar, at the Experimental Making course at Tate Britain (London). In my case, it is when i don’t have high expectations or I feel I don’t have anything to lose, when I can play and risk without worrying. But when I am working on a “project” or I have a deadline, I tend to be more precious about my work, and hence, I agonise about doing it nicely.  The same happens when one has high expectations about something, which normally come short of those high hopes, and vice-versa, when the expectations are low, or non existent, when magic announces itself. This session was another proof of that:  Michael is one of those people who has a calming effect on you, and his kindness and expertise are a great combination to unblock and encourage awareness of our creative processes.

We were encouraged to perambulate and choose a work of art, either because it was intriguing, or rather because it repels us. I was intrigued by a drawing directly stenciled on a wall corner.  It looked high like a number eight, with arabescos surrounding a sort of hole… This was the No Titled by Richard Wright which reminded me of the Yonis.  I have been obsessed with the Yonis ever from my return from Colombia. It is strange fascination mixing the impressions of my Mother Land, with some more current concerns about rape and the female body as a space for disciplining, war, terrorism and violence.  So there I was, just contemplating the work and translating it into my drawings.

Haiku, Sketches & Drawings by Beatriz Acevedo

Another interesting learning was the awareness of MOVING from languages and mediums.  This is a key point for me as I am trying to combine my podcasts with my work, and indeed, the painting session on last tuesday tried to bring together the actual painting process as described in audio. Because the end of the day was not very “successful” I did not continue with the series: once again my ego and my perfectionism can be quite damaging, as it would have been interesting to reveal that sometimes what we get is not what we are “wanting” but perhaps it is about following the path without thinking so much… a path to wonderland.

Sketches & Drawings by Beatriz Acevedo

I also realised that I am quite apprehensive about the Yonis, refusing to call them by their english word: Vaginas, as they are really that. There is something of SPEAKING OUT LOUD and say it.

In general, i am so happy with this session and the repercussions of Michael Atavar’s provocative exercises are still rippling in my work. I felt attending a highly distilled class on how to be an artist, with the seriousness, expertise and generous feedback from Michael. Thanks!




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