Open Studio 2016 – Seeds of Joy

Remember, remember the 5th of November/2016: funpower, laughter and joy! And My Open Studio’2016!

The Open Studio is mainly a celebration of life and friends, coming together to share our creativity with tea and cake.  For me, the Open Studio is a way of recording the pass of time. Although I am very sociable, it is rare that I do big parties (I normally prefer the one to one) but when is about my art, I think it deserves to be celebrated.  Why? Because, it took a lot of courage for me to decide living the life of an artist. As you know, I had been an artist in the closet for a good while, but it was just until 2013 that I decided to come out and live my dream. This is a sort of “birthday” agape, a way in which I’d like to share with all my friends and collectors, these possibility of doing what makes you happy. Art makes me extremely happy, it is my safe haven, my “me” place, where nothing really matters: no house chores, no career objectives, no social roles, only the dance of imagination, pens, paper and colour.

For many this is a distant dream… people imagine the life of an artist based on social representations. For example, the struggling artist: where the artist is a tormented soul, struggling to live while their art is unrecognized, only until his/her death.  Or the glamorous hedonist artist: a care-free soul, living for the moment, from party to party, accepting and experimenting with substances, experiences and feelings. For others, the artist is a sort of sorcerer, a gifted person that is able to produce magic in the form of paintings or other expressions. Although these are all romantic views, the truth is a bit more different. At least in my case, I believe art is natural to human beings: it is not a unique gift, as I believe every person is born with talents and their capacity to create and imagine, it is only when we grow up that we forget the pleasure of the simple drawing… our “self importance” aims at perfection, forgetting that the joy and pleasure are real gems in themselves.  So this is what I would like to share with you… how an idea, an experience, a view or a feeling can be transformed in something else: a painting, an illustration, a card or a souvenir.

For my Open Studio/2016 I have prepared some special work, I am showing some of my work in progress, and presenting some of the main exhibitions of the year.

As an special event, I will be launching a new project called: “Seeds of Joy”. It is based on my own slow relationship with my garden. I cannot presume of having “green fingers” and many purists will dismiss my garden as a jumble of different incoherent plants… but  I love pottering, going up and down, looking at the plants, watering, weeding, planting… it is so relaxing, one cannot think of anything else while doing gardening, and the fresh air! One of my favorite areas of the garden is the “herb garden”: a collection of edible plants and flowers, to be used in the kitchen, bath or as medicine. I have lavender, peppermint, fennel, nasturtiums, red campion, lemon verbena (my ultra favorite!), lemon balm, rosemary, bergamot, sweet pea, etc. Last year I collected some of the seeds and created a little souvenir for my friends of lavender and sweet pea seeds. So this year, I collected a wider variety of seeds as the inspiration of some illustrations.  I patiently collected the seeds, put them into paper envelopes and decided which ones would do a nice present. I also researched about their origin, their healing properties and also their ecological value.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The chosen ones were:  Calendula for healing (it really works as I gave calendula tea to my husband when he had a foot operation and the wound healed so quickly!), Fennel for , Red Campion, the deep magenta flowers of this plant are really delicate and visually striking;  Nasturtiums, originally from Mexico and Messo America these flowers are packed with vitamin C, so they are a great addition to salads and cakes; Lavender, a flower of love, peace and tranquility, to add to your bath and also for cooking; and Buddleia, this strong bush attracting butterflies and used in Korean medicine for treating headaches.

While I was drawing the flowers, I tried to draw from the plants and also trying to make them into a nice design. For that I started with pencil on paper sketches, but they were so lovely, that I decided to upgrade them into ink, with different lines signalling changes in the rhythm of the drawing, and all of them have become part of a colouring book that will be also for sale.

Colouring Book, Our Garden. Copyright. Beatriz Acevedo Art.


I am particularly looking forward to see your reaction about these colouring books. I have seen how they have grown in popularity, but I get quite frustrated with the intricacy of the designs of mandalas and magic gardens… I find that not very inviting to really explore coloring. Of course, I do not want to make it as simple as a Walt Disney figure, but there is something on the strong lines and clear images that I want to take for my own drawings. So, here we go, another nice souvenir for those coming to my Open Studio.

Throughout the week I will be blogging about other surprises prepared for the OpenStudio. So if you want to come and see my creative process, please leave a comment below, I will respond asap.




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