The Year of RawTag

This year seems to bring the convergence of two of our passions: art and education, through the project RawTag. Raw Tag  is an art and education project aiming at questioning our consumption habits, in particular, clothes and fast fashion. It works as a tryptich, in the sense of provoking three moments of questioning, about (1) our memories weaved into our clothes, (2) about the clothes own stories (manufacturing, materials, etc) and (3) the alternatives for a sustainable fashion. The art is expressed in two dimensions: the process of exploring our relationship with the clothes in a more educational setting; and the material expression of such process and conversations, that is expressed in the art gallery, museum or pubic space. RawTag is the brainchild of Beatriz Acevedo (artist and educator) and Carmen Lamberti (eco-artist, conceptual artist), stemming from our encounter at the Royal Opera House-Bridge program on cultural change and sustainability, and it was further developed through the Cambridge Sustainability Residency in 2015. Now this year, after hatching and further development, is going worldwide!

We hope to see you at any of the following events:

January 19/2017. London. New Cross Learning Centre. Workshop with Kids. Carmen Lamberti.

Exhibition at Espacio Gallery (3/03-14/03/2017), as part of the exhibition The Thread of Our Lives (curated by the wonderful Renee Rilexie and The Artists Pool). London. Women’s History Month. Address:  159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG

1_FINAL RAW TAG (1).pages

Private View (all welcome):  2 of March, 2017. 6:00-9:00 pm.

Workshop RawTag and ShareParty: 4th of March (Saturday) 3:00-5:00 pm.

Fairy Tales of Menopause. Beatriz Acevedo, performance, story telling. 8th of March (Wednesday) 3:00-5:00 pm.


27th of March, 2017.  Utrecht, The Netherlands. RawTag at the University of Utrecht. Part of the ongong collaboration of the School of Governance and Beatriz Acevedo in education for sustainability, supported by the Erasmus Program, European Union -before we leave the EU 😦

21-22 April, 2017. Cambridge, United Kingdom. We will be presenting RawTag as part of the 9th Conference on  Climate Change: Actions and Responses, Anglia Ruskin University, organised by the wonderful Dr. Candice Howarth.

12 July, 2017. Rome, Italy.  We will present the theoretical foundations of RawTag in the Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism, topic Carne… this will be a “coming home” presentation with my academic tribe: this amazing group of inquisitive academics, working on cutting edge views on organisational and social research has been the place for me to get inspired, exchange ideas, meet extraordinary people and get my “research mojo” going.

And the following semester, the main course will be actually the implementation of RawTag as part of the new module on Responsible Business at Anglia Ruskin University. An experiment on experiential learning, affect, art and education for sustainability…. More of that later, but just imagine 180 students working on the combination of ethics, aesthetics and reflective practice toward a huge exhibition (hopefully) at the Ruskin Gallery!

If you wish to attend any of these events please contact us through twitter @RawTag, Facebook: RawTag or our blog (

The year is RawTag!


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