Women Artists at Tate Modern (1): Saloua Raouda Choucair

Farewell Inspiring painter
SALOUA RAOUDA CHOUCAIR, Lebanese artist dies at 100.

Artist and Educator

This year has been particularly fertile for the featuring of women artists at one of my favorite galleries: Tate Modern.  Although it is not a topic that I am consciously investigating, I’ve been attracted more and more by the type of questions that women artists seems to make through their work. Without knowing anything about “feminine art” or “women artists” (the labels are contentious) I just want to share my candid impressions of what I’ve seen, and the type of questions that these artists produce in me, through my own process of “being”/”becoming” a ‘female’ artist (?).

In April (2013) I discovered almost by chance the magnificent work of Saloua Raouda Chocair (the exhibition is extended to 17/November/2013). A pioneer of abstract art in the middle east, her work speaks about the transition and translation of a number of influences from her life in Paris in the 1940s under the…

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