Wishes for 2018

Last night I went to bed so full up and actually feeling bloated and fatter than ever! If only, I thought, my belly would disappear in the night… and hence I fell into a deep dream. Later I woke up and went to the loo, I felt a bit weird, lighter perhaps, and when I looked down I saw with surprise that my belly indeed had disappeared. But it was not replaced by a toned stomach in the likes of photoshop, but there was a big hole that make a window into my surroundings. What is this? I tried not to panic and thought of my wishful desire of having that belly removed. Oh my god! That is true, be careful with what you wish because it can happen.

original drawings. Beatriz Acevedo Art. Copyright

I went back to bed trying to forget the incident. But soon I found myself awake, I could not stop thinking of those wishes of being thinner, younger or wealthier, and how dangerous they are. What about if I wish to be younger and I am transformed back into the spotty insecure teenager I was? Or if I become wealthier and cannot rest in fear of being robbed or trying to look after my new found richness?  Wishes are dangerous, that’s true. What then could I wish for?


I then thought that it would be nice to “Be Happy and Grateful with what I have”,  in that way I would be perfectly content and the yearnings for what I have not or I am not will disappear… the buddhist say that all these attachments are part of our suffering, and to be detached and observe with detachment our own lives is the secret of a good life.  At this time when it seems that the new year is promising new startings, hopes and breakthroughs we must remember that those are chimeras, and that real change is not something magical but steady, sometimes silent, or too loud to see it as it really is.original drawings. Beatriz Acevedo Art. Copyright

As for my second wish I thought that although I cannot change all around me, I can always become the best version of myself. I don’t want to compare with others, there will be much better people around or different alltogether, but what about if I give myself the opportunity to be as good as I can: to be impecable, to be joyful, to be nice, to be useful… always keeping in mind that I am for myself and as they say in the planes, “first help yourself and then others”original drawings. Beatriz Acevedo Art. Copyright

Finally I think, and even more now when death is a constant reminder of our ephemeral life, that we are given a wonderful opportunity to be in this life and this planet, we are connected to gods and goddesses, we are unique, part of the amazing universe, a wiggle, a spiral, but all divine. I want to trust that divinity in me, that power and be guided by it. And hence my third wish.

original drawings. Beatriz Acevedo Art. Copyright

This all may sound a bit too corny or hippy/new age, but these are important truths and wishes for me and I wanted to share.




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