Rhubarb and custard

Sometimes to have a limited palette can be liberating. The last few days I’ve been ill with a nasty cold that had left me completely incapable of doing any of my paid job or my art work. Between coughing and migraines it’s little what I can do, but I get bored and the easiest toy at hand is the iPad and the app brushes. I came across it years ago in an article in the vogue magazine,

I am a sucker for all sort of information and I love to mix the high brow academic articles with the more trendy and immediate information from magazines. Sometimes – and at risk of being called heretic- those magazines on fashion and decoration lead me to interesting roads. For example in the elle decoration magazine for February 2018 the palette has shifted from the grey hues of the Scandinavian style to vibrant pastels indicating a turn toward color. And one of those combinations is rhubarb and custard. For English people this is a clear reminder of a cherished dessert and it’s difficult to describe the exact hues: rhubarb is not exactly pink is a bit more toward coral and peach, but retaining the pinkish core. As for custard is a sauce of eggs, sugar and flour, of yellowish tones more toward the cadmium than the green but thick if you know what I mean.

The Brushes app has been one of the first painting apps for iPad and pioneers such as david Hockney uses it for his amazing digital paintings. I don’t think I use it it it’s full capacity, I am not really familiar with illustrator of photoshop (I want to but need a bit of personal guidance rather than an online course)… but my brushes are a perfect companion for visiting museums and also fooling around from my sick bed. On the other hand to be ill does not mean that i should look ill, and i actually make an effort to at least have a shower and get into my “house comfy clothes” wear some perfume why not! Also to keep myself cheered up I did some nice lettering and quotations.

Having a limited palette allows plenty of combinations, also because following matisse advice, less is more, and the colours are frankly a hopeful call for the spring: daffodils and tulips.

I love the different possibilities of the digital painting, combining colours and Platón with diverse brushstrokes and indeed the nice feeling of seeing something albeit simple completed in short time.

All digital paintings copyright beatriz acevedo art 2018


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