Objects of desire – flower vases/pots

Objects can tell the story of your life, they are guest actors in your own personal theatre and represent a moment, a memory, a person or a feeling. The painter Henri Matisse cherished his objects making them subjects of his paintings and I’ve been wanting to do something to celebrate my own eclectic collection of objects.

After what it seems to me ages of being ill I managed to recover a bit and somehow I felt a sudden urge to paint again. My studio has been taken by the preparation of my coming exhibition of “yonis” which have taken all my time and attention. However a yearn for painting seems to be my response to the (hopefully) beginning of my recovery and I created a temporary painting station in the house, near the fire! (Another reason to stay at home!)

This time of the year has also called for flowers, fresh cut flowers which I normally snub flowers in favour of the many plants at home and garden. But days are grey, cold and the only remedy for melancholia seems to come in the forms of blooms and petals! The first objects in this series is a pair of ceramic flower vases designed for kitsch kitchen, a great brand inspired by Mexican folk art.

They are called “señor y señora” and they look very smart, which reminds me of my mother and father, posing for pictures of a bygone era.

original paintings and pictures beatrizacevedoart copyright

I got them from my friend’s concept store Rosita Lollipop / Riot Lounge. She only got two of those making them not only more desirable but exclusive. These elegant couple has become a main actors in my domestic theatre: they host flowers and plants throughout the year, but perhaps their most becoming flower are the dancing daffodils, a gift of golden sun promising a most expected spring, hence this is the perfect time to paint them.

For this series I chose a lovely sketchbook, of khaki hand made paper, thick and textured liken the memories I plan to depict. I am using a new set of Gouache paintings (Caran d’ache) and my travelling kit of Windsor and newton dry watercolours; derwent inks and neo-colour watercolour crayons (30 colour box!).

As for the second object I chose a vintage green vase that it’s actually holding a gorgeous bunch of flowers that my friends Emma and Sally sent to me with good wishes for my recovery… I was so moved because I was frankly not expecting it!

original paintings and pictures beatrizacevedoart copyright

I bought the green vase in a nice vintage shop in Nottingham, at the time I had little money and I was just thinking on getting few objects of good quality. This is a delicate vase is a good reminder of how beautiful and fragile friendship can be!

The third object is a vintage crescent England flower pot, a farewell present from my friend Lesley Longworth. Just when we were starting to enjoy our friendship based on mutual love for art, our double life as artists educators and a neighbourly closeness, she moved to the southwest! We both knew it was the best decision but it was very difficult to say goodbye to our newly found friendship!

This is a gorgeous classic pot that belonged to lesley beloved granny, hence it’s value is increased! I use it for hosting flowering orchids, these exquisite beings of such sophistication and allure, just like lesley!

original paintings and pictures beatrizacevedoart copyright


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