Collective creatives: word of the year

I’ve been reluctant to start 2018, maybe it’s this cold that refuses to leave but somehow I’ve delayed my customary planning process. But life is relentless and this week I realised that I need to organise myself because there is a lot to do. Indeed, the year of the dog, may be a good way to conjure the benefits of turning the page chronologically speaking and give room to the energy of this friendly symbol.

The dog is loyal, friendly, caring, supportive, hardworking, playful and realist, and that energy is quite inspiring. Indeed Ludovica Squirru the Argentinian astrologist talks about the year of the dog as a time to complete our tasks, to do ones duties, harnessing those canine virtues. This idea inspired our first meeting of the year in our creative group. We are four artists who met once in the month to develop a novel approach to art and spiritual and personal development. The idea is to reflect on personal issues through art. It draws upon each artist expertise and technical knowledge. We allow ourselves enough time to talk, reflect and share, as well as learn the more technical aspects.This time it was the turn of the multi talented Pamela Luna: healer, architect, draughts-woman, lawyer, interior designer, calligrapher and , wedding planner. She kindly coordinated the session bringing her library, materials, pens, pencils, feathers and even a red Chinese lamp! Jill taylor and Carmen Lamberti brought food and other delis and we had a wonderful time.

I chose the words: “Flex it and Finish” because my challenge is to finish the many projects I’ve opened in the last few years. for that I need to be flexible and find the right motivation and get to do the work! I also need to find time to rest and to keep my health routines… it’s likely that my part time boundaries need to become more flexible while keeping a healthy balance.

Pamela suggested we thought about the words but also the way those can be represented: colours and styles. I thought about the black and white of the formula one goals. Pamela also suggested to work with paper so to make it flexible. I took her advice and worked with it as I had spent some time in the wording and design, and indeed this was going a bit beyond my comfort zone. I am quite happy with the result, the monochrome is quite striking and also the flexible paper conveys the message. Indeed I was able to complete my word in the time established, a good omen!

Will I be able to do it… they all sound complicated projects but the truth is that they are halfway or more done, it’s the last hump that needs addressing…. wish me luck!


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