#Manifesto Creativity in HE: 4-Moment of magic

We all know that there are good and not so good days in the classroom. After all teaching is a performance completed with learning, and when that rare moment occurred we know that magic is on our side.

But what if we can spark magic with a wand or special powers? When we activate creativity or use creative based methods to teach a complex idea, or to illustrate the essence of a concept, the process of grasping such meaning become somehow simpler, perhaps entertaining, and why not fun?

We are so used to the “no pain, no gain” in higher education that methods that encourage imagination and, god forbids, pleasure seem contrary to this mantra. Yet the materiality of creativity, it’s reality, expressed as a drawing, a play or a poem, make abstract ideas to be felt, seen, touched: in other words, when learning take place and magic happens!


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