Contributions toward a #Manifesto Creativity in HE: 6-Gentle Nudging

For all what we’d like to share the magic of creativity in HE, we shall be gentle and try to persuade participants to engage with it. we must remember that people have been led to believe that creativity is only for few blessed, and they may cringe when invited to a simple drawing exercise… as in every big change we shall do it little by little, and gentle persuasion may work wonders.

For example, let people to decide whether or not to engage with certain exercises, for some drawing is not easy, then give them alternatives and make them easy, most importantly create a safe space with some few rules:

“thou shall not judge”,

“perfection is boring”,

“be kind”

Creating a safe atmosphere, being generous with the materials, providing enough time and a brief but solid explanation of the methodology behind the exercises will help people feel at ease. Be prepared for the few who don’t see value in the creative exercise, it does not really matter because many times the results take longer… also it’s true that you can take the horse to the water but…

Also give time to creativity to happen beyond the class room or the workshop. Trust it, nurture it, give it time…gentle nudging


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