About me

My name is Beatriz Acevedo and I am an artist and educator. I am also a dreamer, an imaginator, a creative force of nature, and a “dream planner”. I have been working in education since the 1990s, trying to merge my interest in literature, art, theater and films with my role as educator. I have lived a “double life” alternating between an “academic” career and an “art/creative” passion. But both areas are part of my passionate search for ways to make our live better, more beautiful and meaningful. I always believe in our responsibility with others, with our communities, our countries and our environments. I believe we are responsible for the present and the future of our planet, and these two dimensions of my life seem to converge to the purpose of Education for Sustainability.

I believe in LIVING BEAUTIFULLY, as a worthy goal for our lives. And what is to live beautifully? It is to live a healthy, harmonious, caring and creative life, where we find our own joy and surround ourselves with beautiful feelings, friendships, relationships and symbols.  It is not about “pretty”, it is about “spiritual” and “joy”. Both my art and my role as educator, seek beauty, which also links perfectly with sustainability.






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