Art Time Line



1990 Epic journey to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Botanical drawings for Nelson Pinilla and Marta Lucia Prado research on ethno-botanic. Jewelry designer for street markets.
1990s Enroll in art classes at Universidad de los Andes. Private lessons with Nelly Rojas  (drawing, 1996-1999) and Alice Salazar (watercolour, 2000).  Creative friendship with Oz Polo and flatmates at La Soledad -Colectivo Inconsciente and Rock Strip-. Complete studies of engineering and sociology.
1999 Journey to Buenos Aires. Artist in Residence. Caballito. Ana Maria Carreira’s cuartito azul. Start series of sketchbooks.
2000-2002 Complete around 12 Sketchbooks of Europe. Pastels on paper and watercolours for friends.
2002 First exhibition. Barrio Chapinero. Calle 57. Home.

Travel to UK to do PhD at University of Hull. UK

2004 Group Exhibition. Beverely Art Fair. UK.
2005 Join the group of Arts and Crafts in Harlington, UK.
2007 Group Exhibition. Harlington Art Fair.  UK
2008 Group Exhibition. Harlington Art Fair. UK
2009 Print-making classes. Summer Course. Cambridge School of Art. Anglia Ruskin University.
2010-2011 Children’s Book Illustration. Summer Course. Cambridge School of Art. Anglia Ruskin University.
2012 Group Exhibition. Art Nest. Hitchin. Summer Exhibition.
2013 Group Exhibition. Letchworth Art Club. UK. Coming out of the closet as an artist. Start Blogging. Work in Garden Studio.















Exhibition at Poplars Garden Centre. Toddington. Bedfordshire.

Artist Network of Bedfordshire. Group Exhibition. Moet Farm. Bedfordshire.

First solo exhibition. Frida and Me. Arts Nest. Hitchin. Herts. UK

September, First Open Studio.

October. Guest Artist at the Harlington Arts and Craft Fair.

May. Spring Exhibition. Ampthill. Series Love is in the Air. Love Zoom.

March. Workshop for the Arts and Crafts Society. Harlington

July. Cambridge Sustainability Residency with the Raw Tag project.

30 of July. Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge. RawTag

12-13 September. Woburn Art Fair. Artists Network of Bedfordshire. September Art Trail.

26/September. Second Open Studio. Harlington.

Frida Lust for Life. The Artists Pool. Menier Gallery, London. August. 2016

Open Studio, October, 2016.


Thread Exhibition. RawTag. March. The Artists Pool

RawTag Collaborative Educational Project at Anglia Ruskin University. December, 2017


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