The educating gallery: RawTag at Espacio Gallery (London 2017)

Galleries and museums have the potential to become educational spaces by activating conversations and engaging communities. For doing so, they need to recognise the transformative spirit of art, not only as something “visual” but including the conceptual, the performative and … Continue reading

Ai Weiwei on recycling, twitter and virtues in art

I am trying to think how to explain to my students the notion of virtues. Not as behaviour, or what people do… but as traits of character, guidelines that can help us to live a good life and a beautiful … Continue reading

Artists need to waste time

It may sound a bit contradictory, but ¨wasting time¨and being idle are essential parts of being an artist and for stimulating creativity. I have to remind myself constantly of this important principle, because not only is part of my search … Continue reading

Ming: Leading Beautifully (exhibition at the British Museum)

How can we live and govern in a beautiful way? This is one of the questions that inspires me and the latest exhibition at the British Museum, concerning the Ming Dynasty, may provide some answers.  It covers the almost 50 … Continue reading

Foucault and Painting: Las Meninas by Velazquez

What a painting can tell us? A story in a particular time and era? The feelings of a painter? An inventory of brushstrokes and techniques?   For french philosopher Michel Foucault, none of these issues are relevant; instead, he considers painting … Continue reading

“Playing the line”: Jazzing with Paul Klee (Tate Modern)

What can be added to the wealth of literature, essays, books and articles about Paul Klee that has not been said? Perhaps what one can humbly do is to take a line (of thought or draw) for a walk and … Continue reading

ThoughtForms and Kandinsky

ThoughtForms and Kandinsky

Last tuesday I went to see my new friends Myrto and George at DigitalArte. Their office is located in the heart of the artistic scene in London: Planet Hackney, in front of the canal with a great view of the … Continue reading