Serendipity, upcycling, democracy: The Art of Collage

Collages allow you to make your own images, break with the “ready-made” visuals of consumerist intention and subvert, distort and challenge conventions. It is a democratic type of art that only requires scissors, glue and paper, and a good playful … Continue reading

Paradise Found – Ecolodge Juan Solito Casanare

  One of the inmediate effects of the Peace agreement in Colombia is the possiblity of visiting amazing places banned because of the conflict. The thing is that although Colombia is a huge country, only the area of the mountains … Continue reading

Open Studio 2015: The Journey continues (even) when I feel the earth moving under my feet

I am back ! After almost two months of not writing in this blog, I finally have reunited my soul and my writing… time has piled up and how I have missed to write in the blog! It has taken … Continue reading

Fashion, Art and Sustainability: RawTag at the Raw Catalyst Exhibition 1/08/2015

Next to the big space of the Ruskin Gallery (Cambridge) a little alley takes the visitor to a strange place. At first sight, it looks like a class room, but the blinds are down and it is dark. Side by … Continue reading

RawTag at Cambridge Sustainability Residency – Day 2 – At the Sainsbury Labs

Do Artists and Scientists have anything in common? What are the perceived differences between these two “species”? Our second day at the Cambridge Sustainability Residency was about challenging preconceptions about what artists do and what scientist do, and how different … Continue reading

Documenting development – Blogging in Art and Research

During the last few weeks I’ve been working with my fellow artist Carmen Lamberti, in the development of a new art project, linked to the Cambridge Sustainability Residency. Albeit in its infancy, the project has changed and evolved from our … Continue reading

Alexander MacQueen and Eco-feminism

“Wild women” are surrounded by skulls and bones,  attired in skins and leather, crowned by stag horns, birds heads, and tokens of powerful animals, they look as their allies in the underworld. The music alternates between the marine sounds of … Continue reading

Time travelling with Emily Carr: totems, animals, art and sustainability.

Once I got there, I realised I should have brought my coat and some provisions, as this proved to be an adventurous journey by forests and woods, going back in time to a world of myths and ancient wisdom. Because … Continue reading