Collective creatives: word of the year

I’ve been reluctant to start 2018, maybe it’s this cold that refuses to leave but somehow I’ve delayed my customary planning process. But life is relentless and this week I realised that I need to organise myself because there is … Continue reading

Objects of desire – flower vases/pots

Objects can tell the story of your life, they are guest actors in your own personal theatre and represent a moment, a memory, a person or a feeling. The painter Henri Matisse cherished his objects making them subjects of his … Continue reading

Winifred Nicholson and Friends: The Art of Life (Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge until May 15/2014)

If you have not been before at the Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, this is a perfect opportunity! It is not only the house that surely will inspire you to change your own decoration but the gallery hostsĀ  beautiful exhibitions like … Continue reading