Objects of desire – flower vases/pots

Objects can tell the story of your life, they are guest actors in your own personal theatre and represent a moment, a memory, a person or a feeling. The painter Henri Matisse cherished his objects making them subjects of his … Continue reading


Rhubarb and custard

Working with limited palettes can be both liberating and creative. Continue reading

Tender painting

Drawing is the link between the eye and the heart, where love can take the shape of an object, it’s a form of praying, it’s trascendental meditative and ultimately is a magical act. A couple of weeks ago a neighbour … Continue reading


Wishes for 2018

Last night I went to bed so full up and actually feeling bloated and fatter than ever! If only, I thought, my belly would disappear in the night… and hence I fell into a deep dream. Later I woke up … Continue reading


Serendipity, upcycling, democracy: The Art of Collage

Collages allow you to make your own images, break with the “ready-made” visuals of consumerist intention and subvert, distort and challenge conventions. It is a democratic type of art that only requires scissors, glue and paper, and a good playful … Continue reading


Space, Place and Creativity

Ever since I visited my dear friend Ann Rippin in her new Pomegranate Studio in April/2017 I discovered I could use my space in a better way. I have a ready-made studio at the back of my garden, it is … Continue reading


Women Artists at Tate Modern (1): Saloua Raouda Choucair

Originally posted on Artist and Educator:
This year has been particularly fertile for the featuring of women artists at one of my favorite galleries: Tate Modern.  Although it is not a topic that I am consciously investigating, I’ve been attracted…


In praise of silence

The last few weeks have been so noisy! The end of the teaching semester, the approach of the Xmas time, the relentless emails, meetings and deadlines. One might say, well, this is a good time then to write (so many … Continue reading


Todo amor deja sus rastros

“… En mitad de la vida se me escapó tu cuerpo    Como un frutal cargado soleado y cuidadoso    que me heredó sus mangos en lo más débil del alma.” Raúl Gómez Jattin – Fragmento poema “Memoria” Nunc…

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Referéndums fatales

Cuando las mayorías se equivocan En el que quizá es uno de los primeros grandes plebiscitos conocidos de la historia, el pueblo judío salvó a Barrabás y crucificó a Cristo. Lo que se expresó ese dí…

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