The educating gallery: RawTag at Espacio Gallery (London 2017)

Galleries and museums have the potential to become educational spaces by activating conversations and engaging communities. For doing so, they need to recognise the transformative spirit of art, not only as something “visual” but including the conceptual, the performative and … Continue reading

Lesson 6-Becoming an Artist: The joy of research

It is said that the only thing that artists need to be aware is that everything changes… fashions, palettes, trends, ideas, paradigms, believes… everything is in constant change and as artists we are normally the one who note or actually … Continue reading

Becoming an artist: Lesson 3–Take it personally

Ok, now you are painting, you are convinced that this is the right path, you enjoy doing it and now you are developing your own art… that’s all wonderful, and if you notice it is all about YOU. So what … Continue reading

Realism and Dreaming in Art

I’ve been listening to the fantastic podcast called Start Up by Alex Blumberg – American Money-, it is something that I connect via Cory Huff’s The Abundant Artist, one of my favorite websites and advisers in my journey to become … Continue reading