The educating gallery: RawTag at Espacio Gallery (London 2017)

Galleries and museums have the potential to become educational spaces by activating conversations and engaging communities. For doing so, they need to recognise the transformative spirit of art, not only as something “visual” but including the conceptual, the performative and … Continue reading

Fashion, Art and Sustainability: RawTag at the Raw Catalyst Exhibition 1/08/2015

Next to the big space of the Ruskin Gallery (Cambridge) a little alley takes the visitor to a strange place. At first sight, it looks like a class room, but the blinds are down and it is dark. Side by … Continue reading

RawTag at Cambridge Sustainability Residency – Day 2 – At the Sainsbury Labs

Do Artists and Scientists have anything in common? What are the perceived differences between these two “species”? Our second day at the Cambridge Sustainability Residency was about challenging preconceptions about what artists do and what scientist do, and how different … Continue reading

RawTag at the Cambridge Sustainability Residency (Day 1)

What artists do all day when they get together? We play, talk, punt, drink tea, learn about the latest scientific discoveries, discuss and ….. ultimately change the world! The first day of the Cambridge Sustainability Residency has been a mixture … Continue reading