Collective creatives: word of the year

I’ve been reluctant to start 2018, maybe it’s this cold that refuses to leave but somehow I’ve delayed my customary planning process. But life is relentless and this week I realised that I need to organise myself because there is … Continue reading

Painting Here and Now: Tate Britain and beyond…

How many things can happen in only one week? This week has been frantic with my part time job as an academic and also working on my own process of being/becoming a professional artist. Besides the actual painting I also … Continue reading

Mira Schendel: Identity and Being (Tate Modern, London)

How do we live in this world? How we re-invent our identities in new contexts  from old traces, rushed scraps of memories and journeys? How can we make sense of  a changing world oscillating between faith and reason, uncertainty and … Continue reading