I have been exploring the power of audio and story telling, using  podcasting platforms. Please copy the link and paste it in your browser:


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Collage-Dream of a Monkey

Collage-Dream of a Monkey

DREAMS:  These are tales taken directly from my dreams… sometimes crazy, sometimes revelatory, sometimes just funny. Mostly in English but some in Spanish.

DRAWING: Because drawing is at the center of my practice, as you can see in many of the posts of this blog. Exploring ideas, work in progress and sharing the joy.

WHAT ART YOU DOING:  Musings about creative processes, ideas, work in progress and history of art. Including my presentations about Frida Kahlo.

CARTAS DESDE LA ISLA:  Podcast en español, acerca de mis impresiones de este lado del charco. podcast in spanish about my views on England and my life in Europe. http://www.spreaker.com/show/cartas-desde-la-isla-inglaterra

SCOS-DRAGON:  A collaborative process with the Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism, exploring tales of Dragons and Organisations.


My latest podcast is about La Crisis Brexit narrada en Español.