Coffee-shops, Dutch drugs policy and Eric Fromberg (1943-2015)

It is a common mistake to think that cannabis is legal in The Netherlands, and that coffee-shops are part of the Dutch culture as tulips and VanGogh! Although the particularities of Dutch culture have allowed the idea of a controlled … Continue reading

Open Studio 2015: The Journey continues (even) when I feel the earth moving under my feet

I am back ! After almost two months of not writing in this blog, I finally have reunited my soul and my writing… time has piled up and how I have missed to write in the blog! It has taken … Continue reading

Following the White Rabbit

In her latest letter my pen-pal Donna Ladkin asked me if I have read the classic children’s book by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. This question came about because I had sent her a postcard from Beverley (East Yorkshire) where … Continue reading

Artists need to waste time

It may sound a bit contradictory, but ¨wasting time¨and being idle are essential parts of being an artist and for stimulating creativity. I have to remind myself constantly of this important principle, because not only is part of my search … Continue reading