To Be a CreatiBe Oracle

Last July during the Lunar Eclipse I had an epiphany: The clouds were dense and the darkness of the eclipse enveloped the atmosphere; suddenly, the bright moon began to shine like a perfect diamond and all became clear. I realised … Continue reading

Collective creatives: word of the year

I’ve been reluctant to start 2018, maybe it’s this cold that refuses to leave but somehow I’ve delayed my customary planning process. But life is relentless and this week I realised that I need to organise myself because there is … Continue reading

Objects of desire – flower vases/pots

Objects can tell the story of your life, they are guest actors in your own personal theatre and represent a moment, a memory, a person or a feeling. The painter Henri Matisse cherished his objects making them subjects of his … Continue reading

Experimental Making with Michael Atavar (1)

How can we feel more creative? this was a provoking question by author and creative enabler/consultant Michael Atavar, at the Experimental Making course at Tate Britain (London). In my case, it is when i don’t have high expectations or I … Continue reading

Creative meet Green: Culture Change and Sustainability

What do creatives have to offer to the challenges of greener world? What can art do to promote sustainability? How environmental projects can include art and creativity?  I have always thought that the answer is obvious… earth and art are … Continue reading

Becoming an artist: Lesson 3–Take it personally

Ok, now you are painting, you are convinced that this is the right path, you enjoy doing it and now you are developing your own art… that’s all wonderful, and if you notice it is all about YOU. So what … Continue reading

Ming: Leading Beautifully (exhibition at the British Museum)

How can we live and govern in a beautiful way? This is one of the questions that inspires me and the latest exhibition at the British Museum, concerning the Ming Dynasty, may provide some answers.  It covers the almost 50 … Continue reading

“Something for the Weekend”: Love and Passion at the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge)

  On thursday, I went  to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge with my dear friend Alison to have a look on an exciting exhibition on Love and Passion in Japanese Art. Our perambulation through the museum, including a quick peek to my … Continue reading

Being an Artist

This is my first post in my blog of Beatriz Acevedo Art. I’ve been painting from the 1990s although it has been more a sunday painting. I believe in the transformative power of art and I hope this blog and hopefully the website help me to share the marvellous experiences of art, painting, creativity and contemplation!