Hyeronimus Den Bosch 500 Years (1) – Life is a Carnival

In the early hours of Saturday, two pilgrims make their journey to the Brabantian city of s’Hertogenbosch. It is spring and the mist crowns with fog the naked trees, their little buds teeming with the promise of light and warmth. … Continue reading

Puppets and Mannequins: Silent Partners (Exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, UK)

One of my favorite stories by the Sci-Fi writer Ray Bradbury is the one titled Marionettes.Inc. It refers to the old dream of having a clone, a puppet who can replace you in those boring chores of daily life. In … Continue reading

Foucault and Painting: Las Meninas by Velazquez

What a painting can tell us? A story in a particular time and era? The feelings of a painter? An inventory of brushstrokes and techniques?   For french philosopher Michel Foucault, none of these issues are relevant; instead, he considers painting … Continue reading