Objects of desire – flower vases/pots

Objects can tell the story of your life, they are guest actors in your own personal theatre and represent a moment, a memory, a person or a feeling. The painter Henri Matisse cherished his objects making them subjects of his … Continue reading

Rhubarb and custard

Working with limited palettes can be both liberating and creative. Continue reading

Cotswold Expressionist: Joan Gillespie at Richard Hagen Gallery

Last year we decided that Cotswolds should be our playground. It is not so far from where we live and it is a place of outstanding beauty. All what we dream about England is here: rolling hills, placid sheeps, small … Continue reading

“Something for the Weekend”: Love and Passion at the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge)

  On thursday, I went  to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge with my dear friend Alison to have a look on an exciting exhibition on Love and Passion in Japanese Art. Our perambulation through the museum, including a quick peek to my … Continue reading