To Be a CreatiBe Oracle

Last July during the Lunar Eclipse I had an epiphany: The clouds were dense and the darkness of the eclipse enveloped the atmosphere; suddenly, the bright moon began to shine like a perfect diamond and all became clear. I realised … Continue reading

Open Studio 2015: The Journey continues (even) when I feel the earth moving under my feet

I am back ! After almost two months of not writing in this blog, I finally have reunited my soul and my writing… time has piled up and how I have missed to write in the blog! It has taken … Continue reading

Rye-Sketchbook October 2013

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We spent a lovely weekend in Rye (near Dover). The town is really charming and it is surrounded by natural reserves of extreme beauty. As we walked I was registering impressions and visions. It is all about becoming an artist, keep my sketchbook and pens dancing!